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a new approach to legal services

Why are we different? Because we provide our services in an authentic and transparent way, which positively impacts our relationship with you by promoting empathy and long-term relationships based on proximity and trust. At Leal Figueiredo & Associados, you will always deal with, and be assisted by, one of the partners, thus ensuring a swift reply to your different challenges and a simple and agile decision-making process.

LEAL FIGUEIREDO & ASSOCIATESFounded in 2020 by two lawyers with almost 40 years of combined legal experience and over 10 years of unmatched international experience, Leal Figueiredo & Associados represents a new approach to legal services in Portugal.Having had successful professional experiences in Portugal, the United Kingdom (London) and Switzerland (Geneva), and with the support of a network of first-class partners across the globe, Leal Figueiredo & Associados is your partner of choice for local, international and cross-border issues. Irrespective of the challenges you face, whether in your businesses or in your private and family lives, you will find at Leal Figueiredo & Associados a very experient and approachable team that is always available to assist you in finding the best solutions for your private, family and business issues. We are here to help you - come and learn more about us.
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