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Guilherme Prudêncio de Figueiredo

With over 17 years of professional experience as lawyer and consultant, Guilherme is an expert in topics related to taxation, private and family wealth management and structuring. Guilherme assists entrepreneurs, successful businessmen and their families, as well as independent wealth managers on complex and cross-border issues, namely in Europe (particularly in connection with Portugal and Switzerland) and South America (particularly in connection with Brazil). 

Guilherme Prudêncio de Figueiredo
GUILHERME PRUDÊNCIO DE FIGUEIREDO"At LF/A, people are not numbers. We value personal relationships above all, be it with our clients, with our partners or between team members."
Guilherme Prudêncio de Figueiredo

With over 17 years of professional experience as a lawyer and personal adviser, he specializes in cross-border asset protection and planning, international taxation, and succession planning.

Having had successful professional experiences in London and Geneva, he often advises families, entrepreneurs, family offices, and wealth managers on legal, tax, and private wealth matters linked to Portugal, Switzerland, and Brazil.

Fluent in French and English and a Spanish speaker, he advises and often represents domestic and foreign clients on tax, wealth, family, succession, and legal topics, including governance of family-owned businesses.


He frequently advises entrepreneurs, business owners, asset managers, and international families on asset protection and structuring, including international tax planning related to cross-border relocation of families.


He has extensive experience in reorganizing family assets globally, particularly for succession planning purposes, foreign investment, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

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